about Solabee flowers & botanicals

It’s been a long journey, but hello! We’d like to share a little about us first and foremost, as we endeavor on this “new to us” world of blog posts. We have so much to tell you after 15 years in the floral industry and a deep dive into the world of plants.  

Solabee was opened by Alea Joy and Sarah Helmstetter in 2009, after they both had already spent years in the floral industry. It is with this passion and experience we have grown Solabee from a tiny design studio into a thriving retail experience showcasing the best treasures of the natural world.  

We are currently located on a sunny corner of North Portland in an old drugstore turned flower and plant shop. The space takes on a tropical vacation vibe in the heart of the Pacific Northwest as warm weather plants mingle with the best seasonal floral in Oregon. We offer daily deliveries of fresh floral (we buy new blooms almost every day), healthy indoor plants, and local artisan made pottery. We do weddings, we do weekly floral accounts and large-scale interior greening too.

In short, we’re plant nerds. We also exclusively employ plant nerds, and love nothing more than geeking out with our customers about the beauty of Mother Nature. We love learning together as well passing on the knowledge we’ve collected over the years. We don’t just sell you a plant or flower arrangement, we do our best to help each customer leave with the perfect specimen for that exact moment (as Mother Nature is best experienced over and over again of course).

You see, it is our customers that allow us to be here, a decade later, and we never forget that. Each bouquet, each plant that walked out our door built this shop, and will continue to do so. This is the founding truth that cannot be forgotten. We are excited for 2018, new endeavors on the horizon, and the continual fine-tuning of our knowledge. We are forever grateful and so excited to finally have the time and place to share all we’ve learned a long the way. We hope you will join us.