the local first promise

Roses, the sweet old standby, the lover, the symbol. Few flowers incite as much emotion as this bloom. At Solabee we are drawn to wild beauty, but many feel the wild has been breed right out of this beast. However, that is only partially true. In our quest to possess her, the rose has been bent to serve us, and sadly, fallen victim to large scale farming that often results in horrible environmental practices as well as boring varietals. That’s one of the reasons we have a “local first” rule that even includes a certified salmon safe, locally grown rose option with varieties you have to see to believe.

In Oregon, we are lucky to live in a prolific flower-growing region with strong seasonal personalities. We know our farmers and look forward to the weekly community that gathers together in the flower trade. We shop here first, and only then pull the best flowers the next closest region, and so on. 

Each season dictates our pallet and brings us closer to different farms in our community. We have local sources for the majority of blooms, and in the summer our flower stand will often be up to 95% local options. Come in and see what’s blooming today!