what we do

We are more that just a plant shop in North Portland, we are also a full service floral design studio. We do weddings, send floral arrangements daily, and make walk in bouquets from our flower stand filled with top quality, locally sourced floral. 

We can match you with your best green friend, and send you away feeling confident with solid care advice. We have in house potting services to help you start off on the right foot. We can problem solve, and revamp plants when they fall ill. We also come to you, offering personal plant consultations for already existing collections, as well as curate larger collections from the ground up. We’ll even stay on for care, or train you to take the reins!

Whew, maybe we’re crazy, but we feel honored to be the bridge from the outdoors to in, the country to the city, the wild to the domesticated. We want you to feel this with your heart, your spirit, we want to teach you the language.