Community Bouquet-Wonderfolk

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Our Community bouquet features primarily locally grown floral, with $15 of each purchase donated directly to a non-profit organization serving our local community. Our Classic hand wrapped bouquet comes in pretty peach paper, add your own sweet note for an extra personal touch. Bouquets are designed to easily be placed and hold their shape in a home vase.

This month we are working with Wonderfolk, a Portland-based nonprofit that provides youth-leadership development for BIPOC and youth from low-income backgrounds. They do this by providing full scholarships to send youth around the world to participate in experiential learning, then bring their impact home through youth-driven community engagement projects

"We remove barriers to access for diverse high schoolers to find their voice in activism and community engagement at home and abroad. Our model pairs individualized mentorship, community-building and strengths-based reflection to support students in harnessing the strength of their perspective and value of their lived experience. Wonderfolk offers a wide array of opportunities so our students learn to thrive in a wide array of spaces." -Wonderfolk

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