Community Bouquet- The Rosewood Initiative

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Our Community bouquet features primarily locally grown floral, with $15 of each purchase donated directly to a non-profit organization serving our local community. Our Classic hand wrapped bouquet comes in pretty peach paper, add your own sweet note for an extra personal touch. Bouquets are designed to easily be placed and hold their shape in a home vase.

This month we are working with The Rosewood Initiative! As a community anchor, The Rosewood Initiative fosters community building and is a resource hub for East Portlanders most impacted by systemic exclusion. They strive to improve access to support systems that foster economic stability and upward mobility, health and wellness, and community resilience across East Portland neighborhoods. 

"We believe everyone deserves a safe, amenity rich neighborhood, giving them more self determination over their own lives." - Rosewood

One of our favorite programs supported by Rosewood is their Refugee Immigrant and Hospitality Organization (RIHO). They provide "Welcome Centers" for refuges and immigrants to come, learn about community resources, gain new skills and meet others.