The Elopement Package

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For couples who are familiar with the quality and aesthetic Solabee is known for, we are proud to offer the Elopement bouquet. We use the best seasonally available flowers and foliage, often grown by amazing local micro-farmers, to create an elopement package as special as your love for one another. Choose a package to suit your day and your love, from wedding bouquets wrapped in sheer ribbon to matching boutonnieres. Pair your package with one of our small, vase arrangements to add a centerpiece to your intimate gathering or select the 'dynamite' size for the perfect Altar-piece.

We love notes on your dream color palette and other wish-list blooms! We will always try our best to make those dreams come true, but cannot guarantee any specific flowers. Just add notes in the "special instructions" box at checkout. If you have a particular bouquet in mind please give us a call at 503-307-2758 and we can discuss our alternative bridal bouquet options. 

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*We ask that orders be placed one week in advance to curate the perfect product, but feel free to call us about rush orders.