Joyful Dirt Fertilizer 2oz

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Joyful Dirt is a Portland based natural fertilizer company. You can use Joyful Dirt as a fertilizer to improve your plants general health by sprinkling directly on the soil before watering, or mixing 1/2 tablespoon with a gallon of water in your watering vessel. 

  • ORGANIC - Indoor house plant and garden advanced fertilizer. Shaker bottle to easily add to all your indoor plants.
  • EASY - Simply shake some Joyful Dirt to soil, water in or mix directly in watering can. Use as often as each watering.
  • SAFE - for pets and kids.
  • CONTAINS - Mycorrhizae and other nutrients to help plants resist disease and use less water.
  • GROWS - Healthier, larger and long-living plants. Our proprietary plant food mixture will quickly produce healthy results.