Monstera Deliciosa

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Although not a true Philodendron, this plant is often referred to as a "Split Leaf Philodendron". This house plant staple looks good in any home, and serves as a statement piece. The plant produces fenestrations (splits) in its leaves to help let the light down to the lower leaves, as well as aerial roots on its nodes, which in its natural environment help the plant climb & absorb nutrients from a tree or post. In your home, we recommend using a trellis or a moss pole to help promote larger leaves and more fenestrations. The plant needs a bright indirect light and water when the top layer of soil feels dry. 4" plants best for a 5" pot with drainage, 6" plants best for a 7-8" pot with drainage, 8" plants best for a 9" pot with drainage, 10" plants best for an 11"-12" pot with drainage. 14" plant best for a 15"-18" pot with drainage. *Plants may be smaller/bigger and with more/less fenestrations than pictured. Standard potting soil is suggested.