Stone & Sage Ceramics

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"Jen LaPier is a NW native with a background in architecture that started making ceramics in 2013. All of the ceramics she makes are hand thrown on her pottery wheel in small batches using stoneware clay, finished with food-safe glazes, and fired to over 2000 degrees of heat in her kiln as a way to create a water-tight, vitrified surface."

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Dimensions are as follows:
Small Pot - 3.5" x 3.5" (Best for 2"-3" plant)
Medium Pot - 5" x 5" (Best for 4" plant)
Small Hanging pot - 4" x 4" (Best for 3"-4" plant)
Medium Hanging pot - 6" x 6" (Best for 4" and some 6" plants with small root structures)