The Artist Series
Livia Zoe's Double Dip

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It's officially summertime and we wanted to offer a vase that felt like taking the first bite of fresh picked fruit. Skip the classic glass vase, and choose a vessel that is handmade locally here in Portland by ceramicist- Livia Zoe. We compliment her two toned ceramic vessel with the best local flowers Oregon and Washington have to offer. (We’ve essentially tried to bottle Portland Summer.) 

We like to say our artist series is the gift that last longer than flowers. Reuse the vase time and time again, and maybe in the winter it’ll remind you of this sweet season.

Upgrade your arrangement with a 7.2 oz soy candle from our favorite candle line, PF Candles, or a 2.1 oz hand crafted artisan chocolate from Portland chocolatier Buddha Chocolate.